What are the Best Recruiting Websites in the UK?

In this article we explore the Best Recruiting Websites in the UK

When it comes to recruitment, knowing what the best recruiting websites in the UK are can make a significant difference in your hiring process. This article explores the various aspects of online recruitment, from posting jobs to understanding the costs involved and the standout benefits of innovative platforms like Perspectv.

This article will cover:

  1. The process of posting jobs on UK recruitment websites.
  2. A rundown of free UK job boards.
  3. Cost implications of popular job sites, including Indeed.
  4. An in-depth look at how Perspectv Recruitment revolutionises talent matching.

Finding the ideal candidate for a role is no small feat, and as an employer, you have numerous recruiting websites in the UK at your disposal. The key is to choose the one that suits your hiring needs best.

How Do You Post on a Job Site?

The first step to hiring through a recruitment website is creating a compelling job posting. Most sites follow a similar process: you register as an employer, create a job post detailing the role, qualifications needed, and the company culture, then publish the ad. Depending on the platform, you may have the option to promote your job post for wider visibility. Remember, an effective job ad is clear, concise, and outlines what the candidate can expect from the role.

Which UK Job Boards are Free?

When it comes to free job boards in the UK, websites like Perspectv, Indeed and Glassdoor come to mind. Indeed allows employers to post jobs for free and access a vast pool of candidate resumes. Their user-friendly platform facilitates easy job posting and applicant management. Glassdoor, known for company reviews, also offers free job posting, providing access to a broad candidate database. LinkedIn, although not entirely free, also offers a space to advertise job vacancies, connecting employers with professionals across numerous industries. Perspectv isn’t a Job Board but their tech does plug into all the major Job Boards and they do allow Companies to post unlimited Jobs for free on their app. 

How Much Does it Cost to Post a Job Ad on Indeed?

Indeed stands out among the best recruiting websites in the UK, largely due to its cost-effective approach. You can post jobs for free, or opt for sponsored posts starting at £5/day, giving your job post more exposure. These costs can increase based on the number of jobs and the level of promotion required.

While Indeed offers free job posting, one downside is the lack of filtering options, which can result in hundreds of unsuitable applications. Sifting through these applications can be a time-consuming task, consuming resources that could have been channelled into other aspects of your business. This is where innovative platforms like Perspectv come into play.

Stop sifting through CVs

How Does Perspectv Recruitment Work?

An innovative entrant to the recruiting websites in the UK is Perspectv. This platform is transforming recruitment by leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline the talent matching process. Instead of traditional job postings, Perspectv uses a super smart matching algorithm trained to identify candidates that align perfectly with your skill requirements and company culture.

Unlike many recruiting websites in the UK, Perspectv operates on a ‘Pay-per-Match’ model. For a flat fee of £35, you can connect with each candidate that piques your interest. This model trumps the often costly fees associated with recruitment agencies, making hiring not just easier and faster, but more cost-effective as well.

In addition, Perspectv provides unlimited job postings and integrations with major job boards, ensuring your job vacancies reach a wide audience. Their principle of mutual interest guarantees that both parties are interested before a conversation can start, fostering more meaningful matches and successful recruitment outcomes.

Among the best recruiting websites in the UK, Perspectv stands out for its innovative approach, cost-effective model, and dedication to quality talent matches.

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