Best UK Sites to Post Jobs for Free: Employers Guide

As an employer, you may often find yourself asking, “What are the best UK sites to post jobs for free?” With the advent of digital technology, advertising a job vacancy has become a seamless process. Yet, the overwhelming number of job posting platforms available online can sometimes make this task a bit challenging.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the most reliable free job sites for employers. Whether you’re looking to post jobs free of charge, or seeking the best platforms to advertise a job, you’ll find all the necessary information right here.

Why Choose Free Job Posting Sites?

Free job posting sites offer a cost-effective solution for employers looking to find the right candidate without breaking the bank. Moreover, they often boast a vast user base, increasing the chances of your job advert being seen by the right person. Advertise jobs for free, and you may be surprised by the wealth of talent you can attract!

Where to Advertise Jobs for Free in the UK – 4 Best Sites for Free Job Postings

1 – Indeed

Known as one of the best sites to post jobs for free, Indeed allows employers to access resumes from a vast pool of candidates. You can post a job for free and engage with potential employees using their intuitive platform. Their user-friendly system allows for easy job posting and efficient management of applicants.

2 – Perspectv

Embracing the power of AI, Perspectv is revolutionizing the recruitment landscape. Unlike traditional job platforms, Perspectv leverages an advanced AI matching algorithm that swiftly and accurately connects you with top-tier talent that not only meet your skill requirements but align perfectly with your company’s culture and values. Furthermore, Perspectv’s clear and fair ‘Pay-per-Match’ model of £35 per candidate you wish to meet significantly outperforms the traditional costly recruitment agency fees. 

3 – Glassdoor 

In addition to being a platform where employees review companies, Glassdoor also lets employers post jobs free of charge. You can advertise a job and gain access to a database of resumes to find the perfect match for your position. For free job processing, you have a 7-day trial on Glassdoor. 

4 – LinkedIn

As a professional networking platform, LinkedIn offers employers the chance to post job vacancies on their company profiles. While there are premium options, you can still post a job for free and reach a network of professionals spanning numerous industries. Free jobs expire within 21 days from the job post date. 

Remember, choosing the right platform to advertise a job largely depends on the nature of the position, the industry you’re operating in, and the kind of candidate you’re seeking.

How to Negotiate Recruitment Fees

Which free job posting site gets the most applications?

Indeed, while likely to bring in the most applications due to its vast user base, might not always deliver the highest quality candidates. The large volume means it can attract a wide range of applicants, not all of whom may be ideally suited for the specific roles being advertised.

Which free Job advertising site gets the best applications?

Perspectv stands out for the quality of applicants it attracts, thanks to its powerful Matching Algorithm. This tool actively identifies individuals who possess the right blend of skills, experience, and personality traits, thereby enhancing the precision of matches between job postings and prospective candidates.

Can you post free job adverts on Facebook ?

Yes, you can post free job adverts on Facebook. To do this, you will need to create a Facebook Page for your business. Once you have created a Page, you can go to the “Jobs” section and click on “Create a Job Post.” You will then be able to fill out a form with information about the job, such as the title, description, and requirements. You can also upload a photo or video of the job.

Facebook’s targeting options are not as precise as those of other job boards. This means that it can be difficult to reach the right candidates with your job postings. The quality of candidates who apply for jobs on Facebook can be lower than those who apply through other channels.

Best Practices for Advertising Free Job Postings

While the decision to post jobs free can greatly benefit your recruitment process, it’s crucial to follow some best practices to ensure you attract high-quality applicants:

  • Detailed Job Description: Clearly list the roles, responsibilities, and qualifications required for the job. A vague description can lead to unfit applications.


  • SEO Optimisation: Incorporate relevant keywords in your job post to make it easily discoverable by search engines. Terms like “entry-level”, “full-time”, or the job title itself can be effective.


  • Prompt Communication: Once applications start pouring in, ensure that you communicate promptly with potential candidates. A swift and professional response reflects well on your organization.

In this article, we’ve listed the best places where you can post job ads for free in the UK. This includes job boards, websites, and other resources that don’t charge to advertise job openings.

As the digital recruitment landscape evolves, it’s crucial for employers to adapt. Free job posting sites provide an opportunity to streamline your recruitment process, saving time and resources. The key lies in choosing the right platform to post jobs free and in crafting an effective, engaging job advertisement.

Happy hiring!

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