Candidite Matches.

At Perspectv, we take a comprehensive approach to candidate matches. While a Mighty Eagle candidate (Top 5% match) may seem perfect, it’s important not to overlook candidates in other tiers. With the right investment, training and support, these candidates have the potential to grow into invaluable team members.

To help you make the most of our matching system, we categorise candidates into different tiers based on their match percentage. Each tier comes with a representative image and description to guide you through the selection process. Let’s take a closer look at each tier:


Just starting out and ready to grow. This stage is still developing and may not be the perfect fit right now, but these candidates may possess strong personal attributes that could greatly benefit your business. Don’t discount their potential. These individuals are ready to learn and adapt, and you might find someone who you can shape, mould and help grow into a valuable team member.

Strong Match

Steady and dependable, these candidates are on their way to becoming strong contributors. They offer resilience and consistency, and they’re ready to grow alongside your company. While they may need a bit more development, they can become reliable assets with the right support.

Good Match – Top 20%

These candidates are considered strong matches based on their skills, experience, preferences, and personality traits. They fall within the top 20% of our matches, making them great potential additions to your team. We consider them fighting roosters because in most cases, these individuals are on their way up, have an energetic and determined fighting spirit, and want to make their mark. Explore their profiles to see how their strengths align with your needs.

Great Match – Top 15%

These candidates are highly intelligent and diligent, showing a deep understanding of their field. They rank in the top 15% of our matches, demonstrating exceptional resourcefulness and quick thinking. We consider them cunning crows because they possess a sharp mind and an ability to navigate challenges with ease. Explore their profiles to discover how their capabilities can elevate your team.

Excellent Match – Top 10%

These candidates are dedicated and dependable, ranking in the top 10% of our matches. Like the penguin king, they carry themselves with a sense of diligence and commitment. These individuals bring a touch of excellence and a royal flair to their work, ready to make a lasting impact on your team. Explore their profiles to see how their dedication can elevate your business.

Top Rated Match – Top 5%

These are the elite candidates who consistently deliver excellence. Like the mighty eagle, they soar above the rest with their extraordinary talents and commitment to achieving greatness. When you work with these top achievers, expect unmatched performance and dedication, as they bring exceptional value to any team they join.