UK’s Best Marketing Job Boards 2023 – Ultimate Guide

Navigating the Top Marketing Recruitment Platforms in the UK – 2023

Welcome to The Ultimate Guide to UK’s Best Marketing Job Boards in 2023.

From the bustling digital metropolis that is the UK’s job market, we’ve curated a definitive guide that compares and contrasts the leading marketing job boards in the nation. This resource is an indispensable tool for employers seeking the perfect candidate in the marketing sector. We’ve meticulously analysed each platform, providing a comprehensive overview of their services, costs, and distinct features.


  • This guide is an in-depth analysis of the top marketing job boards in the UK, curated to assist employers in selecting the ideal platform for their recruitment needs.


  • We provide a detailed review of the key features, costs, and services of each platform, with a particular focus on companies specialising in marketing and digital marketing roles.


  • Aimed at UK Companies and Hiring Managers, this guide is designed to streamline your hiring process and save you significant time when choosing the most suitable recruitment platform.

Here it is… the 10 Best Marketing Job Boards in the UK

1 – Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketing Jobs is a dedicated platform catering to the specific needs of the digital marketing sector.

  • Priced at £95 for a 30-day job posting
  • Provides industry insights, career advice, and CV uploading services
  • Posts jobs on social media for extended reach


Pro: Specific focus on digital marketing roles for targeted job posting and searching.

Con: Job postings are not the cheapest option at £95 for 30 days.

2 – Only Marketing Jobs

A stalwart in the field, Only Marketing Jobs offers a wide range of roles across the marketing spectrum.

  • Over 500 jobs advertised in London
  • Job postings are priced at £295 for a 30-day visibility
  • Includes CV uploading and job alert features


Pro: Houses a large volume of job postings, especially in London.

Con: Priced at £295, it’s one of the more expensive options for a single job posting.

3 – Campaign Jobs

As the official job board for Haymarket Media Group, Campaign Jobs specialises in marketing vacancies.

  • Features over 260 marketing jobs in London
  • Higher pricing but offers deals for multiple postings
  • Includes data, CV, and content products for comprehensive recruitment assistance


Pro: Affiliated with Haymarket Media Group, lending credibility and a broad network.

Con: Tends to be pricier, although offers deals for multiple postings.

4 – Perspectv – AI-Talent Matching App

Innovatively utilising AI, Perspectv matches talent to companies across a variety of industries.

  • Offers a Pay Per Match fee model, 10X cheaper than traditional recruitment methods
  • Provides FREE unlimited job postings across the UK
  • Uses AI to actively match jobs and candidate profiles
  • Offers over 800 marketing jobs across the UK
  • Supports one of the largest talent pools in the UK


Pro: Innovative use of AI for active job and candidate matching. Cuts out the middleman and uses technology to find the right matches quickly.

Con: Pay Per Match model may be unpredictable depending on how the algorithm has been trained.

How to Negotiate Recruitment Fees

5 – The Guardian Jobs

Esteemed for its reputation, The Guardian Jobs board is a prime resource for marketing and PR jobs.

  • Hosts nearly 1400 marketing jobs in London
  • Charges £575 for a 30-day job posting
  • Offers a substantial reach of over a million potential candidates


Pro: Exceptionally large reach with over a million potential candidates.

Con: £575 for a 30-day job posting might be a high price point for some employers.

6 – Glassdoor

Glassdoor stands out with its transparent company reviews, providing deep insights into potential employers.

  • Over 7000 marketing job postings in London
  • Facilitates employee reviews and ratings
  • Employer pricing available upon request


Pro: Employee reviews and ratings give unique insight into companies.

Con: Pricing is undisclosed until contact, potentially causing a delay in the process.

7 – Indeed

As the world’s largest job board, Indeed offers a plethora of marketing roles in the UK.

  • Offers over 8000 marketing jobs in London
  • Jobs aggregated from various websites and job boards
  • Collaborates with Glassdoor for UK recruitment


Pro: Massive reach being the largest job board in the world.

Con: With the volume of applications, employers may have to sift through numerous unsuitable candidates, consuming valuable time and resources.

Posting a Job on Indeed

8 – Reed

Reed, a leading recruitment agency, was the first to launch a job board back in 1995.

  • Provides courses, career advice, interview advice, and CV services
  • Offers over 4,000 marketing job postings in London
  • Allows easy CV uploading and job applying features


Pro: Offers a rich array of resources beyond job posting, such as career advice and CV services. Easy to upload CVs and apply for jobs.

Con: With over 4,000 marketing job postings, the platform might be overwhelming for some job seekers. To much competition.

9 – VMA Group

VMA Group is a specialist marketing job board offering a variety of employer services.

  • Offers over 1,000 jobs in London
  • Has an active social media presence
  • Prices start at £295 for a 30-day job posting


Pro: Specialises in marketing roles and offers a variety of employer services.

Con: Job posting costs start at £295, making it a pricier option for businesses with smaller budgets. The price may vary depending on the type of job and the length of the posting

10 – Intelligent People

A national marketing recruitment agency, Intelligent People specialises in wide-ranging marketing roles.

  • Strong presence in London
  • Provides services including job posting, candidate search, and executive search
  • Prices start at £500 for a 30-day job posting

Pro: Covers a broad range of marketing roles from entry-level to executive.

Con: Pricing starts at £500 for a 30-day job posting, which could be steep for some companies.

With this comprehensive guide to the best marketing job boards in the UK, you’re now equipped to select the platform that best suits your company’s needs. Armed with this knowledge, the perfect candidate is just a job post away.

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