The Secret to Finding Candidates in the UK

Finding Candidates in the UK: LinkedIn, Totaljobs, or Perspectv – Which is Better?

In today’s rapidly evolving job market, finding candidates in the UK can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There’s a secret to simplifying the search and making the perfect match – and it’s not locked away in a recruitment agency’s vault. 

It’s at your fingertips with cutting-edge technology like Perspectv, which harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize talent matching. In this blog, we’ll lift the veil on this game-changing approach to recruitment and show you how it’s transforming the way companies find their next star employees.

In this article we consider:

  • Diversity of Platforms: LinkedIn, Total Jobs, and Perspectv each offer unique approaches to talent searching in the UK job market.

  • Considerations for Selection: Factors such as reach, efficiency, cost, and quality of matches can determine the effectiveness of these platforms in finding candidates.

  • Innovations in Recruitment: Newer platforms like Perspectv are leveraging advanced technology to redefine traditional job searching methods.

In the quest for finding candidates in the UK, employers often ask – which platform yields the best results: LinkedIn, Totaljobs, or Perspectv? The answer lies in understanding each platform’s unique offerings and how they align with your hiring needs and goals.

LinkedIn: Professional Networking Powerhouse

LinkedIn is a globally recognised platform for professional networking, offering vast reach across various industries. However, the quality of applications can be hit-or-miss, and premium services for better visibility can lead to higher hiring costs.

Talent Searching on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s strength lies in its professional focus, making it ideal for sourcing candidates with specific skill sets and experiences. However, sifting through the volume of potential candidates can be time-consuming.

Totaljobs: A Traditional Job Board with Broad Reach

Totaljobs is a conventional job board known for its wide range of job categories. While it does provide access to a large candidate pool, finding the right talent amidst the volume can prove challenging.

Traditional job boards often attract a high number of applicants, but many of these may not be suitable for the job. This leads to recruiters or hiring managers spending a significant amount of time reviewing applications, performing initial screenings, and conducting interviews, only to find a small percentage of applicants are actually a good fit for the role.

This process can be time-consuming and inefficient, particularly for smaller businesses that may not have a dedicated HR department.

Navigating Totaljobs

With the wide range of jobs posted, Totaljobs offers exposure to numerous candidates. However, it lacks the advanced matching algorithms that newer platforms like Perspectv utilise, potentially making the search less efficient.

This is a key reason why many companies are turning to more advanced solutions, such as AI-powered matching systems, which aim to streamline the hiring process and deliver higher quality matches.

Perspectv: The AI-Powered Approach to Talent Acquisition

Perspectv reimagines talent acquisition by leveraging AI technology, offering a highly efficient, precise and cost-effective solution to finding candidates in the UK.

Our AI Talent Matching algorithm analyses candidates based on skills, experience, preferences, and personality traits, providing a shortlist of the best matches. 

This focus on quality, coupled with a competitive pricing model, positions Perspectv as an attractive option in the recruitment landscape.

LinkedIn, Totaljobs, or Perspectv: The Verdict

While LinkedIn and Totaljobs have been popular choices in the past, the emerging technology and innovative approach of Perspectv offers a compelling alternative. With a focus on efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness, Perspectv is set to redefine the UK’s talent acquisition process.


The task of finding candidates in the UK involves considering the unique strengths of different platforms. LinkedIn’s professional network, Totaljobs’ broad categories, and Perspectv’s AI-driven matching all offer viable options.

However, Perspectv’s advanced technology and budget-friendly pricing model make it a particularly worthy contender in the evolving recruitment scene.

As an added bonus we’ve thrown in a link to an interesting article about Job Boards. We’ll let you make up your own minds.

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