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We know how tough it is to land a great job in sales or retail, especially when using a Job Board like Indeed or LinkedIn. They’re just too big. You could try a recruitment agency but it’s worth pointing out that lots of companies are moving away from using recruiters because the fees are too high. We built Perspectv to close that gap and make it easier & faster for job seekers and hiring managers to find and connect with each other directly.   

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We work with a diverse range of companies which includes both big names and rising stars, so we always have a wide array of sales and retail jobs on offer. Regardless of the type of sales or retail role you’re interested in, we can help you find the right fit. Whether you’re a Store Manager, Sales Representative, Retail Associate or a seasoned Sales Director, we’ve got you covered.

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We want you to find the right job for you, not just any job in Sales or Retail. Here’s what makes us the leading choice for Sales and Retail job seekers:


  • Extensive Job Listings: We take on new sales and retail roles all the time. Across all sectors and levels of experience.
  • Get Hired Faster: Instead of wasting hours searching for Sales or Retail jobs online, you can now get matched to the latest Sales and Retail jobs the second they hit the market.

By knowing what to look for, perspectv is able to solve all of these problems.

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6 reasons to try Perspectv.


Signing up is free and getting started is a breeze.


No need for job searching – Perspectv does the job hunting for you.


Our service is 10 times quicker and easier than using a job board or recruiter.


Say goodbye to middlemen – we connect you directly with hiring managers.


Get access to exclusive job opportunities that aren't available anywhere else..


Boost your profile to stand out and showcase your potential to employers.

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Talent matching

What we’re doing has never been done before

Save time, energy and money focusing on the right candidates. It’s like putting your recruitment search on “cruise control”. Simply define what you’re looking for and our powerful matching technology will identify ideal matches and produce ranked results, all within seconds. All you need to do is decide who you want to connect with and meet.

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Once registered, our AI gets to work scanning through thousands of job listings to find ones that best match your profile. Our goal is to match you with roles that you'll enjoy and thrive in, not just ones you're qualified for.

Get connecting

Every time you login, we’ll show you an updated list of jobs that match your preferences and profile. All you need to do is decide which ones you’re interested in and we'll connect you.

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Perspectv is great at spotting talent.

Sales and retail jobs encompass a wide range of skills, from interpersonal communication and problem-solving to merchandising and trend analysis. This variety makes these roles appealing to individuals with diverse skill sets and interests. Many successful professionals in business and management began their careers in sales or retail. These roles often offer opportunities for advancement and growth within the company. Sign up now to find your perfect role.