How is Perspectv different to Recruiters

Recruiters can help you find candidates, but they often rely on job boards themselves. They’re more interested in filling roles quickly than finding the best fit. That’s not our style. Perspectv uses technology to connect the right candidates to the right jobs. That means, no more sifting through hundreds of CV’s, no more middlemen, and certainly no more hefty recruitment fees.

Cost Comparison Example:

Let’s consider an example where a company is looking to hire for a role with an annual salary of £35,000. Traditional recruiters typically charge a commission of around 25% of the candidate’s first-year salary. This would result in a recruitment fee of £8,750.

On the other hand, using Perspectv, you would only pay a flat fee of £35 to unlock a candidate’s profile and connect directly with them. Even if you purchased 10 candidate profiles, that’s a remarkable difference compared to the hefty recruitment fee charged by traditional agencies.

In this scenario, using Perspectv would save you a significant amount of money –  making it a cost-effective alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality or efficiency.