How is Perspectv different to Job Boards?

Perspectv distinguishes itself from Job Boards by transforming the recruitment landscape from chaos to clarity.

While Job Boards can often feel like bustling marketplaces with lots of noise and opportunity, we bring organisation to the table.

Our smart algorithms work behind the scenes, aligning job seekers with roles that perfectly match their experience, skills, and even their personality traits. Unlike the Job Boards that primarily focus on who’s available, our approach centers on finding the best fit in terms of capabilities, culture and potential contribution.

Survey Insight:

We’ve conducted extensive surveys among thousands of hiring managers, and their consensus about Job Boards is strikingly consistent – these platforms generate an overwhelming volume of applications, (sometimes over 1,000 per role) however 99% of the candidates are unsuitable for the role.

This not only causes frustration but also consumes valuable time that could be better utilised elsewhere. Time is a precious resource, particularly when it comes to pinpointing fitting candidates.

This is precisely where Perspectv steps in, streamlining the process and presenting you with candidates that genuinely match your requirements, saving you from the sea of irrelevant applications.