How is Perspectv different to Job Boards & Recruiters?

Perspectv distinguishes itself from conventional job boards and recruiters through several key features:

Personalised Matching: Instead of you wading through a sea of job listings, Perspectv takes the reins. Using the information in your profile, we curate job opportunities that align perfectly with your skills, experience, preferences, and even your personality. Consider us your personal job matchmaker!

Quality Emphasis: Traditional job boards can be swamped with generic postings and questionable jobs. At Perspectv, we prioritise quality over quantity. Our focus is on connecting you with the right opportunities, not just any opportunity.

Beyond the CV: Your Perspectv profile is more than a typical CV. It’s a dynamic and comprehensive portrayal of you. It showcases your skills, interests, preferences, and personality traits – not merely a list of jobs and qualifications.

Job Seeker Empowerment: Unlike many recruiters who primarily serve employers, we’re here to serve you – the job seeker. Our aim is to help you land your dream job, not just fill positions.

Accessibility and Convenience: With Perspectv, your profile remains visible to potential employers around the clock, regardless of their location.

Cost saving: Unlike traditional recruitment tools that come with steep costs, Perspectv offers an incredibly cost-effective solution. Our flat fee of £35 to unlock a candidate’s profile is a fraction of the recruitment fees charged by traditional agencies, which often range from 15-25% of the candidate’s first-year salary.