How does Perspectv make sure candidates match my culture?

Instead of just zeroing in on hard skills like most traditional recruitment methods, Perspectv takes a more rounded view. We think it’s just as important to understand who you are as a person, not just what’s on your resume.

Perspectv goes beyond the conventional focus solely on hard skills to ensure a cultural match between candidates and your organisation. We believe that understanding who you are as an individual is as vital as what’s listed on your resume.

Here’s the scoop: we delve into soft skills and personality traits, providing a deeper understanding of a candidate’s inclinations, coping mechanisms, and behavioral tendencies.

This approach serves to create a robust alignment between the candidate and your company culture, ensuring a harmonious fit. By factoring in these nuanced aspects, we increase the likelihood of a successful and lasting match between candidates and your workplace ethos.

Take note: Studies have shown that employees who align well with their company’s culture and environment are up to 25% more productive than those who do not. When employees feel a sense of belonging, their job satisfaction increases, leading to higher levels of engagement and commitment. This positive correlation between cultural fit and productivity highlights the significance of finding candidates who resonate with the organisation’s values and work atmosphere. 💪💪