PPC Manager

London, UK

Job description

Skills and Qualifications: 🎓 Experience: 5-7 years in managing PPC campaigns, ideally in the financial or crypto sector. 🔖 Certifications: Google Ads, Bing Ads, and others. Knowledge of SEM and PPC practices is a must. 📊 Analytical Skills: Proficiency in tools like Google Analytics. Must be data-driven. 🌐 Knowledge of SEO: Understanding of SEO as it often works with PPC. 💱 Understanding of the Crypto Market: Familiarity with crypto market, players, and trends. Responsibilities: 🚀 Campaign Management: Develop, execute, and manage PPC campaigns across multiple channels. 🔍 Keyword Analysis: Responsible for keyword research and selection for PPC. 📈 Performance Analysis: Track KPIs, reassess and tweak PPC strategies based on data. 💰 Budget Management: Effective budget allocation for campaigns to ensure maximum ROI. 🅰️/🅱️ A/B Testing: Continuously test and optimize ads for better conversion rates. 🔭 Competitor Analysis: Monitor competitor strategies and market trends in the crypto industry. Expected Results: 📉 Improved PPC Metrics: Improve key PPC metrics like CPC, CTR, ad quality score, and conversion rate. 💸 Increased ROI: Effectively manage and allocate the PPC budget to increase ROI. 🚦 Traffic and Conversion: Increase high-quality traffic and conversion rate. 🔆 Brand Awareness: Enhance brand visibility and recognition through successful PPC campaigns. 💡 Market Insight: Provide insights about the market and competition for future strategies. 🌀 Adaptability: Keep up with changes and trends in the fast-evolving crypto market, and adjust strategies accordingly.

Employment Type


Salary amount


Start date


Soft skills

Problem-Solving (6-9 years)

Detail Oriented (6-9 years)

Attention To Detail (6-9 years)

Creativity (6-9 years)

Communication (6-9 years)

Adaptability (6-9 years)

Hard Skills

Ppc (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising (6-9 years)

Data Analysis And Decision-Making (6-9 years)

Search Engine Optimization (Seo) (6-9 years)

Marketing Skills (Seo/Sem) (6-9 years)

Google Analytics (6-9 years)

Digital Advertising (E.G., Google Ads, Facebook Ads) (6-9 years)

Budgeting And Resource Allocation (6-9 years)

Search Engine Marketing (Sem) - Including Pay-Per-Click (Ppc) Advertising (6-9 years)