Digital Designer

London, UK

Job description

Join a dynamic and fast-growing creative agency that specializes in multimedia design. Our company is known for its innovative and visually compelling designs that captivate audiences across various platforms. We pride ourselves on our collaborative and supportive work environment, where creativity is nurtured, and career growth is encouraged. As an Entry-Level Multimedia Designer, you’ll have the opportunity to work on exciting projects, learn from experienced professionals, and kick-start your career in the world of multimedia design. Brief Job Overview: As an Entry-Level Multimedia Designer, you will be responsible for assisting in the creation of engaging visual content across multiple mediums, including digital platforms, print materials, and multimedia presentations. You will collaborate with senior designers and other team members to develop creative concepts and bring them to life through illustrations, graphics, animations, and videos. Your role will involve utilizing design software and tools to create visually stunning assets that effectively communicate messages and convey brand stories. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive environment, gaining valuable hands-on experience in multimedia design. Salary Range: £18,000 - £24,000 per annum (depending on experience)

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Soft skills

Adaptability (0 years)

Creativity (0 years)

Time Managament (0 years)

Attention To Detail (0 years)

Collaboration (0 years)

Hard Skills

Graphic Design And Image Editing (0-2 years)

Illustrator (0-2 years)

Web Animations And Transitions (0-2 years)

Video Editing (0-2 years)

Design Software (0-2 years)