Account Supervisor

Stratford-upon-avon, UK

Job description

Mentoring and supervision team of 12 residential care workers in a 3-beded children home for children with learning disabilities. Planing activities and resources, writing high quality reports, checking quality of records

Employment Type


Salary amount


Start date


Soft skills

Written Communication (3-5 years)

Client Relationship Management (3-5 years)

Rapport Building (3-5 years)

Classroom Engagement And Motivation (3-5 years)

Flexibility (10+ years)

Idea Exchange (3-5 years)

Parent-Teacher Communication (3-5 years)

Hard Skills

Communication Skills (10+ years)

Healthcare Leadership And Team Management (0-2 years)

Care Coordination (3-5 years)

Career Coaching (3-5 years)

Supervision (3-5 years)

Event Planning And Coordination (3-5 years)

Compliance Reporting (6-9 years)

Cross-Functional Team Leadership (3-5 years)